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We focus on innovation as a growth engine, helping individuals and organisations discover and build new innovations that could shape the growth path of their business.

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Platform Innovation

Our experience and where we have helped

- We helped a government organisation discover and implement a new way of engaging its end-users. Facilitating 10 000+ engagements a month.

- We helped a telecommunications organisation redesign its core billing architecture to serve 6 core business channels with thousands of transactions a day and the ability to launch a new service offering each day.

- We helped a US organisation build a new innovative platform to service their growing global customers.

- We helped launch 20+ startups' innovative solutions across 6 countries.

- We helped a real estate organisation launch a seamless journey to sell 30 000 homes.

What do you get?

New Client (Flat Fee) - T's & C's Apply
Start-up Advisory
R 250.00
Technology Discovery
R 1000.00
Engineering team
R 5000.00
Technology Growth
R 2500.00

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